Love and redemption aren't won... they're earned.

Lily Dyer needs to get away from her husband.
Not tomorrow, not tonight, but now.

He's hurt her for the last time.
But when she finally finds her courage, it's not her life he threatens.

She has two choices:
1- Stay and her family lives,
2- leave and they all die.
Her mother, her sister, her nieces and nephews...

Lily has no choice.

Then Edward comes into her life.
He's her boss' son, and he's all the things her husband isn't.

She shouldn't care about him, but she does.
He shouldn't want her, but he does.

Edward offers to help Lily escape her life... and give her a new one.
There's a secret she's been keeping though.

When Edward finds out, will he still want her?

Soon things go wrong, and Lily will do whatever it takes to set them right again.
Even if that means murder.

Lily might be able to escape from her husband, but she will never escape her past.
Is it ever too late for redemption?

  • Binding: Kindle Edition
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  • Release Date: 2018-04-02
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