Pete Gains isn’t looking for love. He spends all his time working his ranch with his best friend Lacey, roping, and riding horses. Then Emma Flowers shows up to interview for a job and his world is turned upside down.

Emma is his polar opposite—serious and thoughtful while he’s funny and loud. He can’t get enough of this woman, who is not only gorgeous but also knows her way around a farm. But Emma has no interest in dating. She just wants to do her job and go home, but something about Pete intrigues her. The more they work together, the more they’re drawn to each other.

But Pete’s close friendship with Lacey threatens to derail what could become a great relationship between Pete and Emma. He doesn’t want to cut either woman out of his life, but it might come down to what he wants most: love or friendship.

  • Binding: Kindle Edition
  • Product Group: eBooks
  • Product Type Name: ABIS_EBOOKS
  • Release Date: 2017-09-13