Horse of Gold
An explosion rocks the stern of a defenseless merchant ship off the coast of South America. Jennifer Gates is thrown to its deck, knocked senseless. Moments before, she watched three peculiar black boats scream away from the darkening shoreline, deadly weapons mounted on the bows of each.
In the hold, deep in the bowls of the ship, the three horses Jennifer is escorting to Columbia thrash within their stalls as seawater rises in the sinking ship. Her favorite horse, Dixie, kicks and paws at the bars holding her captive. Nugget, the rare golden stallion, rears and strikes the walls of his own confinement, while young Spring screams in terror.
Jennifer’s little dog, Dot, is carried overboard by waves pummeling the stricken vessel and finds herself adrift on a block of debris caught in a strong current. Intimidating grey dorsal fins cut the water around her, closing on her in ever shrinking circles.
A squeal of metal against rock signals the end of the ship. As it sinks, Jennifer must find a way to free the horses and save herself. If she can get off the ship, her ordeal will only begin. Sharks patrolling the water to wait greet her. And beyond them, the sultry jungle watches, alive with things far worse.
Jennifer’s parents, John and Emily, race to find their daughter after many days of not knowing what happened to her. Upon reaching Panama, they join forces with a mysterious mercenary named Valdiron. With him guiding, they begin their search down the rugged Columbian coast on his luxury cabin cruiser, the Glorious Princess. While they search, they investigate a number of sunken ships, looking for clues to the baffling disappearance of Jennifer’s vessel.
Horse of Gold will keep its readers sweating as if they were trying to survive in the relentless sea and terrifying jungle themselves. Thrills are nonstop in a place where anything is possible, and the least expected is sure to happen.
Horse of Gold is the third novel in the Jennifer Gates adventure series. It stands alone as a great read, even if the reader has not read Johnny’s Jacket and Wild Cat beforehand. The author’s love of wild places and the underwater world comes alive as his vivid imagination is hammered out onto his laptop.

About the Author: James M. Naugle lives with his wife, Terri, raising and training horses on their beautiful ranch in Petaluma, California. He was a long time high school teacher and wrestling coach in Novato, California. Horse of Gold gave him the opportunity to embellish on his own exciting experiences in the jungles of Costa Rica, and under the tropical seas, through the wonderful characters in the book. Fans will be pleased to know book four of the Jennifer Gates Adventure series in is the works.

  • Binding: Kindle Edition
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  • Release Date: 2012-06-27
  • Edition: 3