A collection of essays by F. W. Boreham. Boreham wrote more than 50 books and has been hailed as one of the greatest Christian essayists of all time. His work has been praised in recent days by Billy and Ruth Graham, Ravi Zacharias, and Warren Wiersbe. While almost all of his works are rare and out of print, some selling for hundreds of dollars, we are working to make more of them available through the Kindle store for modern readers. "Of the books that have played the greatest role in molding me, I count many volumes by especially one writer: F. W. Boreham. He authored more than fifty books of essays and pastored congregations in New Zealand, Tasmania, and Australia. He was not the classical preacher, not even a profound, deep preacher, but he was marvelous at seeing beauty in the simple things of life. He heeded John Wesley's charge to young preachers to blend simplicity with sublimity, 'the strongest sense in the plainest language." —Ravi Zacharias