If you've ever had a dead-end job, you're in good company. Walt Disney had dead-end jobs. So did many of the young men who later became Disney legends and luminaries. How were they able to turn the mundane into the magical?

In Disney Destinies, Karl Beaudry profiles two dozen Disney notables, from Walt Disney and Ward Kimball to Card Walker and George Kalogridis, and traces their paths from delivering newspapers, taking tickets, and washing dishes to the height of Disney fame and power.

Identifying patience, passion, and determination as the keys to success, Beaudry explores:

  • How Bill "Sully" Sullivan went from Jungle Cruise skipper to vice-president of the Magic Kingdom
  • How Bob Gurr went from delivering newspapers to Ub Iwerks to designing scores of different Disney vehicles and attractions
  • How Vesey Walker overcame spinal paralysis to lead his marching band down Disneyland's Main Street, U.S.A.
  • How Ron Dominguez lost his family home to the Disney Company but went on to become vice-president of Disney Attractions
  • How Harriet Burns became the first female Imagineer
  • How George Kalogridis went from washing dishes at the Contemporary to president of the Magic Kingdom

Not only does Disney Destinies tell you how others did it, this inspirational book includes practical advice for how you can find and follow your own destiny, Disney or otherwise.