Over the past few decades, we've seen the discipline known as project management (PM) evolve, and witnessed huge growth in its use by organizations to achieve their goals and objectives. We have also seen a new profession known as business analysis (BA) develop from a variety of work previously performed by project managers, systems analysts, engineers, and other professional roles due to the need to improve the success rates of projects and programs. With the steady evolution and growth of this new role, we've learned that effective PM and BA collaboration can improve success rates dramatically. More recently, thought leaders and industry insiders have begun to recognize the synergies of these roles with the discipline known as change management, and the opportunity for even more success. Early indications show the success rates for strategic projects using change management regularly average around 70%. Mastering Organizational Change Management provides a practical model for organizational change professionals, senior business analysts, project and program management leaders, and executives to follow in developing and executing any important change initiative or major enterprise transformation effort. It will also show how to measure and analyze the effectiveness of change initiatives and the activities used to achieve successful results.